New Pond! Just for Gilles!!

I am moving the Gilles clip-a-thon to a blog all its own!

I just discovered that my favorite DWTS clip person on YouTube did a no-no and YouTube deleted the clips. I will be looking for replacements since there are a bunch of people that have DWTS clips on YouTube. In the meantime, I know quite a few of my links no longer work. :-(

I will continue to add links to articles or clips as I find them!

If you run across something you think I should add, give me a quack!

I know it’s hard to narrow it down, but which dance was your favorite?

History of Injuries on Dancing with the Stars

Gilles Marini Indianapolis 5.24.09

TV Guide Magazine DWTS Cubicle Confessions (after finale)

Gilles TV shows before DWTS

Love me some Gilles!

Gilles Marini ~ e eu vou lembrar vocĂȘ

Backstage at Dancing With The Stars

Gilles & Cheryl Interview each other from ET

Gilles & Cheryl: The Ellen Show 03/30/09

Gilles & Cheryl: Regis & Kelly Show 05/21/2009

Gilles Marini with Rachael Ray

Gilles Marini backstage at Rachael Ray

Gilles & Cheryl: The Bonnie Hunt Show 2009 04 03

Gilles Marini wants to win Dancing with the Stars for his Kids

Gilles Marini pix by Fred Goudon

more Gilles pix

Sex and the City's Gilles Marini on Jimmy Kimmel

Sexiest man of the world #17

DWS: Gilles Marini on Reality Chat

Gilles Loves Half Naked Women on DWTS

Speed Drawing of Gilles Marini

DWTS8 - I want a recount!!!

DWTS8 - favorite dance Argentine tango - finale

DWTS8 - freestyle - week 11

DWTS8 - paso doble face off - week 11

DWTS8 - scores for paso doble face off - week 11

DWTS8 - salsa - week 10

DWTS8 - waltz - week 10

DWTS8 - week 10 intro

DWTS8 - rumba - week 9

DWTS8 - foxtrot - week 9

DWTS8 - week 8 encore - team tango

DWTS8 - team tango - week 8

DWTS8 - Linday hop - week 8

DWTS8 - group dance - week 7

DWTS8 - Viennese Waltz - week 7

DWTS8 - the jive - week 6

DWTS8 - Paso Doble - week 5

DWTS8 - all four dances so far

Interview w Gilles & Cheryl (Week 4 - Results Show)

DWTS8 - tango encore

DWTS8 - tango - week 4 - the first perfect 30 this season!

DWTS8 - samba - week 3

Interview w Gilles & Cheryl (Week 2)

DWTS8 - Superman quickstep - week 2

DWTS8 - cha cha - week 1

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